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Cavallino Deluxe Padded Halter & Lead Set

Sizes: Cob, Hack. Colours: Black,Navy,Grey,Petrol Blue.


Dublin Sam Snood

One Size. Colours: Green Marle, Purple Marle.


RJM Equine Quarter Mark Brush

Great for sharks teeth & patterns.


BetaVet Ashwagandha + Red marine Minerals

200gm, 500gm, 1.5kg


BetaVet AllerGen

500ml, 1L, 2L & 4L


Stoney Creek Kids Farm Truck Tee

Sizes: Childs 2 - 10.


Stoney Creek Women's Tough Country Tee

Sizes: Women's 6 - 20.


Equine America Buteless Super Strength Powder

Sizes: 10 day supply(500gm),


Stoney Creek Men's Farm Truck Tee

Men's Sizes: Small - 4XLarge.


Flair Tangle Free Conditioner

Sizes: 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L.


Dublin Kids 3 Pack Socks Winter

Childs One SIze


Dublin Kids Everyday Riding Tights /Prints

Sizes: Childs 8 - Childs 14. Colours: Navy/Frolicking Horses, Sky Captain/Legion Blue.


Dublin Everyday Riding Tights Sky Captain/Frolicking Horses

Sizes: Ladies 8 - Ladies 16.


Dublin 3 Pack Socks Purples

Adults One Size


Dublin 3 Pack Socks Navy Tulips

Adults One Size


Dublin 3 Pack Socks Clan Argyle

Adults One Size


Flair Plush Fleece Lined Web Halter

Colours: Burgundy, Navy, Black. Sizes: Pony, Cob, Hack.


Cavallino Air-Tech Pro Balance Girth

Colours: Black, Brown. Sizes: 90cm - 150cm in 5cm increments (36" to 60"). Made in New Zealand.


Swanndri Men's Mission Bay Chino Shorts

Colours: Light Stone, Black. Sizes: 77cm - 102cm.


Swanndri Women'sEastdale L/S Shirt

Colours: Pebble, Lavender. Sizes: Women's 8-18.


Swanndri Men's Liverpool Jacket

Colours: Grey/Black Check, Air Force Blue/ Navy Check. Sizes: Mens Small - 3XLarge.


Lami-Cell V22 High Fetlock Boots

FEI Approved. Colours: Black, Brown. Sizes; Medium,Large.


V22 Open Hind Boots

FEI Approved. Colours: Black, Brown. Sizes: Medium, Large.


V22 Deep Fetlock Boots Large

FEI Approved. Colour: Black. Sizes: Medium, Large.


Cavallino Air Tech Y Breastplate

Colours: Black, Brown. Sizes: Hack, Cob.


Cavallino Ultimate 5 Point Breastplate

Colours: Black, Brown. Sizes: Warmblood, Hack, Cob.


Vetmax Sunblock Powder

Vetmax Sunblock Powder offers 100% natural, effective UV protection for horses. Size: 250gm.


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Premier Free II Neck Rug Medium

SIzes: Small (Pony), Medium(Cob), Large ( Full). Fill: 220gm.


Weatherbeeta comfitec Premier Free II Standard Neck Medium

Fill: 220gm. Sizes: 4'3NZ(5'6EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU).


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Plus Dynamic II Combo Medium Wide

Designed for the broader horse to cover the rupm, chest & leg area for the best fit & comfort. Sizes:4'3NZ(5'6EU) - 6'0NZ(7'3EU).


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Thermi Heat Liner Medium/Lite

Fill: 100gm. Sizes: 4'6NZ( 5'9EU) - 5'6NZ(6'9EU).


Stoney Creek Men's Urban Shorts

Sizes: Small - 4XLarge.


Premier Equine Brava Girl's Full Seat Gel Riding Breeches

The perfect, everyday durable breech for young riders - ideal for use in the saddle or on the yard. Sizes: 3-4years - 13-14years.


Weatherbeeta Comfitec 210 Channel Quilt II Standard Neck

Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU). Colour: Navy/Grey/White.


Weatherbeeta Unlined Canvas Standard Neck

AVAILABLE MARCH 2024. Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU). Colour: Blue.


Weatherbeeta Unlined Canvas Combo

AVAILABLE MARCH 2024. Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU). Colour: Blue.


Weatherbeeta Lined Canvas Standard Neck

AVAILABLE MARCH 2024. Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU). Colour: Blue


Weatherbeeta Lined Canvas Combo Neck

AVAILABLE MARCH 2024 . Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'6NZ(6'9EU). Colour: Blue.


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Essential Combo Lite Plus Squirrel Print

Sizes: 1'9NZ(3'0EU) - 5'3NZ (6'6EU) 50gm Fill.


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Essential Combo Medium Squirrel Print

Sizes: 1'9NZ(3'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU). 220gm Fill.


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Plus Dynamic II- Abstract Floral Print

Sizes: 2'9NZ(4'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU). Fill: 100gm


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Premier Free II- Pink/Rose/Green Plaid

Sizes: 4'3NZ(5'6EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU)


Heiniger Saphir Horse Clipper

Great Clippers!


Vetmax Crib Stop Paste

Size: 1kg


Hairy Pony Gold Metal Spray Bottle

Sizes: 500ml, 100ml.


Cavallino Mclean Anatomic Bridle with Rubber Grip Reins

Colours: Black, Brown.Sizes: Hack, Cob.


Cavallino Show Bridle with Leather Reins

Sizes: Pony Cob & Hack. Colours: Black, Brown.


Hairy Pony Horse Silky Serum

Gold label Silky Serum scented with Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood Atlas. Matches our Essential Oil Coat Conditioner scent! The customer favourite!


Flair Fly Boots

Colours: Black, Light Blue, White. Size: Hack, Pony


Bee Kind Raw Local Honey

Sizes: 250gm or 500gm


Premier Equine Ventus Ladies Full Seat Gel Riding Tights

Riding tights in which style collides with high performance… Sizes: 22" (UK 6) - 34"(UK 18)


Pure Western Childrens Kit Boot

Sizes: Childs 10- 5.


Kincade Gel Grooming Mitt

Colours: Purple, Red or Turquoise.


Premier Equine Aradina Ladies Full Seat Gel Competition Breeches

Sleek, understated competition breeches featuring a full gel seat crafted from sculpting fabric. Sizes: 22'(UK 6) - 34" (UK 18). Colours: White, Vanilla.


Premier Equine 6 Pocket Ice Boots

6 Pocket Horse Ice Boots are the ultimate in ice treatment. Colour: Black.


Flair Canvas Nose Guard

Sizes: Pony , Cob & Hack.


Pure Western Womens Slade Boot

Sizes: Women's 6 - 11.


Thomas Cook Kids Addison Hat

Colours: Navy or Pink.


Thomas Cook Mens Jake Comfort Waist Shorts

Colours: Dark Navy, Stone & Mulch.


Premier Equine Dellucci Ladies Long Leather Field Riding Boot

An iconic boot meticulously mastered in premium grade leather delivers the ultimate in comfort.


Jolly mega Horse ball & Cover Set

Sizes: Small (25"), Medium (30") & Large (40")


Ariat Mens M8 Modern TekStretch Sabastian Slim Leg Jeans

Sizes: Mens 28"- Mens 40". Leg Length: 30",32" & 34".


9 Piece Grooming Kit

Colours: Purple, RoyalBlue, Pink.


Blue Tag Retro Grip Dressage Whip

Wrapped Leather look crystal grip handle with end cap.Colours: Black, NavyLength: 110cm


Three Strand Horsehair Tassel

• Beautifully crafted in three tonal hues.• Assorted colours only.$34.99 each.


Snaffle Bit Key Ring Silver

• Fun key chain in an Equestrian Design.• With split ring to secure keys.


Loose Ring Eggbut Key Ring

Fun key chain in an Equestrian Design..


Dee Bit Key Ring

• Fun key chain in an Equestrian Design.• With split ring to secure keys.


Fort Worth Long Horn Tassel Key Ring

The beautiful Aztec-inspired designs make the perfect gift.


Fort Worth Ear tag Tassel Key Ring

The beautiful Ear Tag Tassel designs make the perfect gift.


Pure Western Boot Horseshoe Keychain

Great Christmas Stocking filler !!!


Pure Western Boot Flower Keychain

Great Christmas Stocking filler !!!


Pure Western Butterfly Flower Keychain

Great Christmas Stocking filler !!!


Pure Western Boot Dove & Flower Keychain

Christmas Stocking Filler!!!


Pure Western Boot Turquoise Keychain

Christmas Stocking Filler !!!!


Pure Western Boot Christmas Ornament

Size: 6.5cm (W) x 2.5cm (D) x 9cm(H)


Pure Western Boot Candle Holder

Size: 17cm(W) x 17cm (D) x 15.5cm (H)


Pure Western Horse Shoe Candle Holder

Size: 22cm(W) x 5cm (D) x11cm (H).


Pure Western Floral Boot Vase

Size: 26cm(W) x 10cm (D) x 26cm (H).


Pure Western Cowboy Boot Vase

Size: 21cm (W) x 8cm(D) x 23.5cm (H)


Pure Western Feather Boot Vase

Size: 19cm(W) x 9.5cm(D) x 23cm (H)


Pure Western Steer Head Decoration

Size:24cm(W) x 10cm(D) x 30cm(H).


Pure Western Wall Hanging Bottle Opener

Size: 13cm(W) x 4cm (D) x22.5cm (H).


Pure Western Steer Head Wall Hanging

Size:34.5cm (W) x 15cm (D) x 35cm (H).


Pure Western Horn Wall Hooks

Size: 51cm(W) x 10.5cm (D) x 14cm (W). Resin.


Pure Western Horse Wine Bottle Holder

Size: 41.5cm (W) x 20cm (D) x 24cm ( H). Resin.


Pure Western Horseshoe Handle Tray

Size: 48cm (W) x 25cm (D) x 5cm (H). Resin.


Pure Western Corrugated Picture Frame

Size: 8 x 10" ( 30cm(W) x 3cm (D) x36cm (H) ). Resin/Metal.


Pure Western Gated Picture Frame

Size: 4 x 6" (17.5cm(W) x 4.5cm (D) x 25cm (H) ). Resin/ Metal.


Pure Western Cow Picture Frame

Size: 6 x 4" (25.5cm(W) x 5.5cm (D) x19cm (H) ). Resin.


Swanndri Undies

Sizes: Small - 3XLarge.


Swanndri Heritage Cotton Blend Socks

Sizes: 2-5, 6-10, 11-13.


Swanndri Colombo Check Merino Socks

Sizes: 2-5, 6-10,11-13 ( UK Men's Sizing )


Swanndri Swanndal

Sizes:3/4 - 13/14


Swanndri Womens Daisy Ribbed Singlet

The Daisy singlet is the staple you need to compliment the new additions to our women's range. Made with cotton elastane rib for comfort and fit.Sizes: Womens 8-18


Swanni Boss Slides

Sizes; Mens 6- Mens 13.


Stoney Creek Kids Learning Tee

NEW FOR SUMMER!!! Sizes: Childs 2-10.


Stoney Creek Kids Sea Life Tee

NEW FOR SUMMER . Sizes: Childs 2-10.


Flair Half Pad with Silicon Grip

Colours: Black, Brown, Navy, White.



Dublin Brioney Breeches

Available in NavyPeony and Black


CPX Supreme Champion Velvet Helmet

Black, Navy Available, 53cm - 63cm


Pure Pine Shavings

19 kg Bales. This product is only available instore or email for freight options.


Weatherbeeta Conquest Bridle Bag

Colour: Indigo Blue.


Weatherbeeta Conquest Coat Bag

Colour: Indigo Blue.


Weatherbeeta Conquest Boot & Hat Bag

Colour: Indigo Blue.


Weatherbeeta Conquest Backpack

Colour: Indigo Blue.


Dublin Polartec Gloves

Colour: Black. Sizes: Adults XS - Adults XL.


Dublin Everyday Softback Riding Gloves

Colours: Black & Black/Brown. Sizes: Adults XS - Adults XL.


Dublin Foundation Jodhpur Boots II - Mens

Colour: Black. Sizes: Mens 7 - Mens 12.


Dublin Foundation Jodhpur Boots II - Ladies

Sizes: Ladies 5 - Ladies 11. Colours: Black, Brown.


Dublin Foundation Jodhpur Boots II - Childs

Colours: Black, Brown. Sizes: Childs 8 - Childs 3.


Pessoa Saddle Cover 1200D

Navy/Black, Navy/Magenta.


Pessoa Saddle Carry Bag 1200D

Navy/Black Plaid, Navy/Magenta Plaid.


Pessoa Helmet Bag 1200D

Navy/Black, Navy/Magenta.


Pessoa Garment Bag 1200D

Navy/Black, Navy/Magenta.


Pessoa Door Organizer 1200D

Plaid Navy/Black


Pessoa Bridle Bag 1200D

Navy/Black, Navy/Magenta.


Pessoa Boot Bag 1200D

Navy/Black, Navy/Magenta.


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Double Dart Fly Mask

Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full & WB.


Saxon Buzz Away Fly Mask 2023

Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full & WB.


Kool Coat Lite III Hood

Sizes: Mini, Pony, Cob & Full.


Kool Coat Lite III Tail Bag

Sizes: Pony, Cob & Full.


Kool Coat Lite III Neck Rug

Sizes: Mini, Pony, Cob & Full.


Kool Coat Lite III Standard Neck

Sizes: 1'9NZ(3'0EU) - 5'6NZ(6'9EU).


Weatherbeeta Cotton Summer Sheet Combo 2024

Sizes: 2'9NZ(4'0EU) - 5'9NZ (7'0EU)


Kool Coat Cotton II Standard Neck - White/Turquoise/Pink

Sizes: 2'9NZ(4'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU)


Weatherbeeta Breeze Scrunch Neck II Combo - White/Blue/Lemon

Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'6NZ(6'9EU)


Kool Coat Cotton Airstream Combo - White/Turquoise/Pink

Sizes: 2'9NZ(4'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU)


Kool Coat Lite III Combo

Sizes: 2'3NZ (3'6EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU)


NRG Bitter Biter

Sizes: 500ml


Kincade Slow Feeder Hay Bag

Colour: Black


Fiber Fresh Travel Pro 10kg

Maintains Hydration - Pick up in store only.


StockMaster Maranoa Knife Pouch Belt

Specially made for stockmen


Rider Adhesive Sporty Haft- Spray

Adhesive spray for riding boots to create a more secure and confident rider position.


Hairy Pony Braiding Mousse

Sizes: 190ml Foamer Bottle & 500ml Refill


Weatherbeeta Cotton Summer Sheet Combo Seahorse Print

Sizes: 2'9NZ(4'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU)


Weatherbeeta Unlined Half Mesh / Half Canvas Combo

Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'6NZ(6'9EU)


Saxon Defiant with Buckle 600D Standard Neck Lite Limited Edition

LIMITED EDITION - Sizes:4'0NZ(5'3EU) - 5'6NZ(6'9EU).


Saxon AIr Mesh Combo Cactus Print

Sizes: 2'6NZ(3'9EU) - 5'6NZ( 6'9EU)


Cavallino Delicato Velvet Helmet

Colours: Black or Navy. Sizes: 53-61cm


Flair Junior Square Quilt Saddle Cloth

Colours: Black, Fuchsia, Light Blue, Mint, Navy, Purple, Turquoise, White, Yellow,


Weatherbeeta Summer Sheet Tail Bag 2024

COMIN SOON!!! Size: Pony, Cob & FUll


Weatherbeeta Summer Sheet Combo 2024

Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU)


Saxon Defiant with Buckle 600D Combo Neck Lite Limited Edition

Sizes: 3'6NZ(4'9EU) - 5'6NZ(6'9EU).


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Essential Combo Lite Plus (50gm)Seahorse Print & Combo Lite (0gm) Seahorse

0gm & 50gm options. Sizes: 3'0NZ(4'3EU) - 5'6NZ(6'9EU)


Dublin Calixto Helmet

Due in Febuary 24


Cavallino Quick Release Stirrup Iron

Size: 120mmColours: Black, Silver


Metalab Snaffle Soft Flexi Port

Sizes:12.5cm &13.5cm


Roma Sooper Dooper Pooper Scooper - New & Improved

Colours: Blue, Silver and Red


Meatlab Snaffle Soft Flexi Port

Available in 12.5cm or 13.5cm Mouth Width. Ring Size: 65mm, Mouth Thickness: 18mm


Metalab Snaffle Soft Flexi Mullen

Available in 12.5cm or 13.5cm Mouth Width. Ring Size: 65mm, Mouth Thickness: 18mm


Outback Mens Hawke Shirt

SAVE $40 !!!


Premier Equine Men's Respiro Riding Polo Shirt

Sizes: Small, Medium,Large & XLarge.


Wrangler Womens Betsy Rugby Top

Sizes: Ladies 8, Ladies 10, Ladies 14, Ladies 16, Ladies 18 & Ladies 20.


Wrangler Womens Whitney Pullover Hoodie

Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 & 22


Irish Training Martingale

One Size. Colour: Brown


Premier Equine Botero Mens Tall Leather Field Boot

Mens sizes: UK 6, UK 7, UK 8, UK 9, UK 10, UK 11.


Premier Equine Luciana Girls Short Sleeve Show Shirt

Sizes: 3-4 years, 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-10years, 11-12 years, 13-14 years.


Premier Equine Enzo Boys Competition Jacket

Sizes: 3-4 years, 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-10 years, 11-12 years & 13-14 years.


Pure Western Rhian Girls Boot Cut Jean

Childs Sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14


Wrangler 20X 42 Boys Vintage Boot Jean

Childs Sizes: 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16


Thomas Cook Mens Froggers Adventure Lite Short Boot

Available in Mens Sizes 6-14.Colour: Black


Equine America Fungatrol Spray

Fungatrol Spray helps to maintain healthy supple skin.100% natural and paraben free. Size: 400ml


Equine America Fungatrol No RInse Body Wash

Fungatrol No-Rinse Body Wash is a non-irritant wash, with powerful plant-based ingredients.


Premier Equine Tessa Girls Long Sleeve Show Shirt

Sizes 3-14 years. Vanilla & White


Premier Equine Nera Ladies Competition Jacket

Tradition meets modern design with the Nera Ladies Competition Jacket.


Amazing Wet & Dry Grooming Glove

The amazing Wet & Dry Grooming Glove is here!


Ariat Childs Serape Logo Hoodie

The ultimate throw-on-and-go layer.


The Farriers Oil

The Farriers Oil - hoof oil.Made in Canterbury, New Zealand for New Zealand horses.


Premier Equine Turnout/Mud fever Boots

Can be used on both front & hind legsSold in pairs.


Thomas Cook Kids Norfolk Gumboot

Colours: Blue/Green, Bright Pink/Navy.


Thomas Cook Mens Froggers Adventure Lite Long Boot

Mens Sizes: 7, 8, 9,10,11,12,13 & 14


Thomas Cook Froggers Munro Gumboot

Ladies sizes: 7, 8, 10, 11


Thermometer/Moisture Hay/Grain Monitor

Moisture content testing from 5% to 30% in a simpler way.


Fort Worth Leather Toiletry Bag -Brown

Leather Toiletry Bag Brown.


Huntington Stock Pin

Various Stock Pin Designs


Stoney Creek Checkkid Polo

Childs Sizes: 2 - 16.


Brogini Turin Pro Competition Field Boot

Available in Black, Brown or Hunt Top.


Roma Competitor Series Set of 4

Full Black


Thomas Cook Chelsea Boot

Ladies 5 - 11


Stoney Creek Done and Dusted Shirt

S - 4XL Available


Stoney Creek Womens Pivot Jacket

Size 6 - 22 Available


Dublin Avoca Boots

Waterproof & breathable country boots with a leather & suede upper with full side lace adjustment.


Dublin Erne Boots

Ladies 6 - 10. Full nubuck upper and full size zip with snap closure, giving them a stylish look and ensuring that they are easy to take on and off.


WeatherBeeta Green Tec 1200D Lite Plus

Available in 4'0 NZ (eu 5'0) - 5'9 NZ (eu 7'0)


WeatherBeeta Green Tec 1200D Medium

Available in 3'9 NZ (eu 5'0) to 5'9 NZ (eu 7'0).


Effax Leather Balsam + Grip

Anti-slip saddle cleaner, great way to stick in that saddle!


Cavallino Infrared Fetlock Boots

Size: Large


Cavallino Infrared Tendon Boots

Size: Large Colour: Black with Burgundy trim


Cavallino Infrared Stable Boots

Colour: Black with Burgundy trim.


Cavallino Infrared Stable Wraps

Colour: Black with Burgundy trim


Dublin Boyne Boots

Ladies 6-10. Waterproof and breathable ankle height lifestyle boots with a leather upper and faux fur lining for warmth.


Thomas Cook Cindy polo Dress

SAVE $50 Ladies 8 - 16


Tuff Rock Super-Tuff

NEW!! TuffRock SUPER-TUFF with KAKADU PLUM - at introductory price!


B Vertigo Women's Cooling Lace Riding Gloves

The most beautiful riding gloves for summer. Size 7 (Small), Size 8 (Medium), and Size 9 (Large)


Pro Grip Stud Hole Thread Clearing Tool

Designed for clearing dirt out from stud holes.


Premier Equine Boot Tree

Keep your boots in great shape and crease free.


Dublin Mira Helmet

Available in Black/Silver


Dublin Adara Shimmer Helmet

Stunning suede outer with a stylish crystal shimmer detailing.


Dublin Adara Helmet

Available in Black or Navy.



Professionals Choice SMB 2XCool Sports Boots

Available in Small, Medium and Large.


Huntington Ladies Hudson Riding Jacket

Huntington Equestrian - Performance Sports Wear for the serious rider.


Heiniger Xplorer Pro Horse and Cattle Clipper + PROMO Free Heiniger 18/15 blade set

Now with Even More Power! + PROMO Free Heiniger 18/15 blade set


Pure Western Womens Madison Boot Cut Jean

Great detailed pockets and bootcut fit!


Wrangler Mens Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean

Features: Authentic 5 pocket styling, slim seat and thigh, fits over boots


Zilco Supa-Guard Detacha Combo

New to the Defender Range!


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Double Dart Fly Mask With Ears & Nose

Deluxe mask with nose piece and ears for ultimate comfortable insect protection.


Hairy Pony Essential Wash Bay Kit

The HAIRY PONY ESSENTIAL WASH BAY KIT includes all of the essentials for your horse's regular grooming routine.


Premier Equine Veritini Ladies Long Leather Field Riding Boot

Engineered for performance, elegantly styled - these leather riding boots are the epitome of class.


Oakwood Leather Conditioner

Oakwood Leather Conditioner is a soft, neutral coloured moisturising cream.


Zilco Elegant Saddlecloths

Pony and Full Sizes. Black, Gold, Dark Green, Steel


Zilco Flag Combo

NZ 3'9" - 5'6"


Fleece Lonsdale Girth

Black with Black or Cream Fleece. 55cm - 75cm


Aubenhausen Classic Fleece Rug

Burgundy, Chocolate, Dark Green. 5', 5'3", 5'6"


Aubenhausen Classic Saddle Pad with Wool

Three Colours


Aubenhausen Classic Saddle Pad

Three Colours


Aubenhausen V22 Dressage Boots

Two Colours. Four Sizes


CR3 chromium slim

Great for cresty necks


Navy Cherries

Dublin SIngle Pack Socks Childs

Childs Size - Various Colours


Dublin Meagan Long Sleeve Shirt

Size Childs 8, 12 and 14. Spot Print



Dublin India Colour Block Tights Childs

Childs Ink Size 8 Available


Dublin Jade Top

Childs Size 8,12, and 14


Dublin Heritage Tote Bag Set



Dublin Melody Top

Ladies Medium, Large, XLarge and 2XLarge


Jolly Mega Ball Sports Cover

Add Protection to your Jolly Mega Horse Ball.


Jolly Mega Horse Ball

Great Horse Fun! Available in S - 25", M - 30" and L - 40"


Mustad Hoof Hygiene Liquid

A unique solution which treats and prevents thrush and seedy toes.


Premier Equine Hagen Junior Competition Jacket

Save $90 on Navy & Black Selected Sizes


Premier Equine Air Tech Sports Medicine Boots

XXS - XL Various Colours


Premier Equine Bergamo Shaped Diamante Browband

Sophisticated sparkle crafted with premium Italian leather.


Premier Equine Carbon Tech Air Cooled Eventing Boots

Front & Hind. Carbon Tech Air Cooled Eventing Boots are the most protective horse boot in our 'Air Cooled' range.


Premier Equine Close Contact Cotton Dressage Competition Saddle Pad

Developed for the modern dressage competitor this saddle pad features interchangeable Velcro patches to display your competition numbers


Premier Equine Gando Boys Gel Knee riding Breeches

5 - 14 Years. White, Navy, Grey


Premier Equine Mens Antonio Short Sleeve Show Shirt

Mens Small - XLarge, White or Navy. The ideal men’s competition shirt combining performance fabrics with a tailored fit.


Premier Equine Padded leather Head Collar

A quality padded leather head collar for all occasions…


Premier Equine Stellazio Anatomic Snaffle Bridle with Flash

Take away the pressure with our Stellazio Anatomic Bridle…


Weatherbeeta Wool With Chest Panel NEW Standard Neck

Gorgeous, warm wool show rug.


Blue Flowers

Dublin SIngle Pack Socks Adult

One Size Fits All - various colours


Thomas Cook Boys Antonio Rugby Top

12 & 14 Years


Thomas Cook Boys Clifton Stripe Rugby Top

Size 10 and 14 Years Only


Thomas Cook Drum Kit Long Sleeve

8 and 10 Years Navy Only


Thomas Cook Fitzroy Wool Felt hat

54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, & 61cm Black, Dark Brown & Fawn


Equestrian Central Mask with Filters

100% Cotton, with activated carbon filter


Jack Russel head Corten Wall Art

Jack Russell Head Garden Wall Art made from 2.5 mm Corten Steel.


Kereru Corten Garden Art

Kereru Garden Art made from 2.5 mm Corten Steel with spike for inserting into lawn or garden.


King Fisher Corten Garden Art

Kingfisher Garden Art made from 2.5 mm Corten Steel with spike for inserting into lawn or garden.


Leovet Silkcare Shampoo 500ml

Size: 500ML


Leovet Tea Tree Body Wash 500ml

Size: 500ML


Pet Cross Corten Garden Art

Pet Cross Garden Art made from 2.5 mm Corten Steel with spike for inserting into lawn or garden.


Retriever Head Corten Wall Art

Retriever Head Garden Wall Art made from 2.5 mm Corten Steel.


Sheep Corten Garden Art

Sheep Garden Art made from 2.5 mm Corten Steel with spike for inserting into lawn or garden.


Stoney Creek Kids Best Friend Tee

Size 2-10years. 100% Cotton


Stoney Creek Love Pony Kids Tee -Pink

Sizes 2-10 years. 100% Cotton


Hippo Health Chilled Out Horse

Calms Horses without sedating. A feel good product.


Hippo Health Fireworks Angel

90ml, 1L, 2L & 5L 10% OFF UNTIL GUY FAWKES!


Stoney Creek Childs Black Muckin In Tee

Once you get your hands on one of these, you’ll find it hard to take off!


Stoney Creek Lifestyle Cap

Black or Navy


Stoney Creek Mens Brown Jandals

Mens 5 - 14, Full grain leather


Blue Tag Tail Bag with Velcro Attachment

Size: Hack, Cob, Pony


Equestro JUNIOR Safety Stirrups

Various Colours


Stoney Creek Mens Checkmate Polo Short Sleeve shirt

Mens XSmall - 7XLarge - Various Colours


Thomas Cook Frederick Long Sleeve Shirt

Mens M and 2XL Available


Selamin X


Thomas Cook Bull Rider Singlet & Underwear Set

2-8 years. 100% Cotton


Thomas Cook Pocket Dog Short Sleeve Tee

Childs 8, 10, and 14 years Only. 100% Cotton


Thomas Cook Surfing Bull Short Sleeve Tee

Selection of sizes available


Cavallino Comfi Tech Lambswool Velcro Girth Backing

Various sizes and colour


Enduro Riding Boot

Ladies 37-43


Pure Western Girls Viola Polo

Girls 8 years


Pure Western Ladies Viola Polo

Ladies Size 10 ON SALE! SAVE $30


Pure Western Stevie Dog Collar

Various Colours/Sizes



Thomas Cook Kalbarri Hat

Various Sizes, 2 colours


Thomas Cook Lucy Short Sleeve Polo

Girls 2 - 14 years


Thomas Cook Mens Oliver 2 Pocket Long Sleeve Shirt

Mens Small - 4xLarge


Thomas Cook Ridge Short Sleeve Polo

Childs 12 and 14 years Only Navy


Thomas Cook Stamford Hat

2 Colours, Various Colours


Wrangler Ladies Ricky Tee

ladies 8 - 22


Champion Radiance Vent Air MIPS Peaked Helmet

54-59cm Black, Navy or pink. MIPS BRAIN PROTECTION SYSTEM


Champion Vent Air MIPS Helmet



Champion Vent Air MIPS Jockey Helmet

55 - 59cm Black or Silver. MIPS BRAIN PROTECTION SYSTEM


Champion X Air MIPS Helmet



Champion X Air MIPS Jockey Helmet

55 - 59cm MIPS BRAIN PROTECTION SYSTEM Will come Yellow Tagged!


Cotton Grooming Apron



Vision Polo Bandages Set of 4

Various colours - matching saddle pads available separately


Woof Wear Vision Dressage Saddle Pad

Various Colours - matching bandages available separately.



Just Country Mens Diamantina Sherpa Jacket

Mens XXS - 5XL. Khaki or Chocolate


Lami Cell Artemis Riding Helmet

Black - featuring an extra-wide brim for a better shade/shelter over the face and eyes


Cavallino Burghley Dog Coat

35 - 80cm


Flair Roxburgh Combo 1200D

4' - 5'6 NZ. 100 or 200gm Fill.


Dublin Dugg Boots

Ladies 6 - 10 (Aus)


Smiley neon Orange

Dublin Sock Single Pack Socks 2021

Adults & Childs


Thomas Cook Danny Zip Upknit Jacket

Childs 2 - 12 years