Bates Elevation + Saddle

Sizes 42cm (16.5) - 44cm (17.5")





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Engineered for precision performance, the Bates Elevation Saddle combines technical design and innovation to raise the bar for horse and rider. Features: CAIR® Cushion System: for better performance and freer movement of horseNew Generation EASY-CHANGE Gullet System: Now easier than ever to custom fit your horse’s witherThe Tree: Precision engineered for pure performanceSeat: Instantaneously comfortable and superbly balancedThe Panel: Ultimate performance panel for show jumpingAdjustable Flexibloc System: Customise your individual thigh supportErgonomic Stirrup Bar^ enables closer contact and greater comfortBates Stirrup Keeper^: An assurance of unsurpassed quality and the radically different performance you can expect   The Bates Elevation+ Saddle achieves unprecedented close contact, perfect balance and stability for the rider. The seat is shaped to maintain breadth behind you ensuring comfortable landings, while thinning down where your leg drops on to the horse, so that the transition is ultra narrow and seamless. The precise cantle angle encourages you to find your central position with ease. This high performance model features the added performance advantage of double-lined leather, renowned for its ultra soft and grippy characteristics, increasing rider feel and comfort. An anatomically shaped tree enables greater comfort and room for your horse’s shoulder, while retaining a close contact feel for the rider. It reduces the occurrence of lifting at the back, which is often accepted with jumping saddles. Your horse will show a marked improvement in their freedom of movement, as world leading performance systems the CAIR Cushion System ( maximise your horse’s comfort and freedom of movement. Your horse will enjoy unsurpassed adaptability for an optimal fit, even weight distribution, a fluid cushioning and the ultimate impact absorption for total comfort.

Sizes 42cm(16.5") - 44cm (17.5")