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Zilco Crusader 200 Combo - Tartan Check

Sizes: 2'9NZ(4'0EU) - 5'6NZ(6'9EU).


Zilco Pioneer Combo 200 gm

Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'6NZ(6'9EU).


Flair Fly Mesh Combo

Sizes: 4'0NZ -5'6NZ.


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Premier Free II Neck Rug Medium

SIzes: Small (Pony), Medium(Cob), Large ( Full). Fill: 220gm.


Weatherbeeta comfitec Premier Free II Standard Neck Medium

Fill: 220gm. Sizes: 4'3NZ(5'6EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU).


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Plus Dynamic II Combo Medium Wide

Designed for the broader horse to cover the rupm, chest & leg area for the best fit & comfort. Sizes:4'3NZ(5'6EU) - 6'0NZ(7'3EU).


Saxon Defiant with Buckle 600D Standard Neck Medium

Sizes: 4'3NZ(5'6EU) - 5'3NZ(6'6EU).


Weatherbeeta Show Sheet II TAIL Bag

Sizes: Pony, Full.


Weatherbeeta Comfitec 210 Channel Quilt II Standard Neck

Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU). Colour: Navy/Grey/White.


Weatherbeeta Unlined Canvas Standard Neck

AVAILABLE MARCH 2024. Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU). Colour: Blue.


Weatherbeeta Lined Canvas Standard Neck

AVAILABLE MARCH 2024. Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU). Colour: Blue


Weatherbeeta Lined Canvas Combo Neck

AVAILABLE MARCH 2024 . Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'6NZ(6'9EU). Colour: Blue.


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Essential Combo Lite Plus Squirrel Print

Sizes: 1'9NZ(3'0EU) - 5'3NZ (6'6EU) 50gm Fill.


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Essential Combo Medium Squirrel Print

Sizes: 1'9NZ(3'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU). 220gm Fill.


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Plus Dynamic II- Abstract Floral Print

Sizes: 2'9NZ(4'0EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU). Fill: 100gm


Weatherbeeta Comfitec Premier Free II- Pink/Rose/Green Plaid

Sizes: 4'3NZ(5'6EU) - 5'9NZ(7'0EU)


Saxon Defiant With Buckle 600D Combo Neck Medium

Sizes: 3'9NZ(5'0EU) - 5'3NZ(6'6EU).


Weatherbeeta Cotton Show Sheet II Standard Neck

Sizes: 2'9NZ(4'0EU) - 5'6NZ(6'9EU).