Equi-Knewe - For Horses


10 kg Pail



or 6 weekly payments of $15.00 with


A magnesium-rich effective prebiotic for horses and other animals.

Improves stamina, exercise recovery and immune performance.
Enables the horse owner to reduce crude protein in the horse diet, leading to less offensive dung odours.
Expect better social behaviour and easier training.


Equi Knewe Magnesium Prebiotic is a Magnesium-rich effective prebiotic for horses and other animals.

Prebiotics are diet components that improve the performance of the natural micro-organisms in the digestive system and any probiotics fed at the same time.

NB: Performance changes are not immediate; the various benefits can take between a week and three months to show.


Yearlings use 1 level scoop = 170g per day

Horses 500kg+ use 2 level scoops = 330g per day

Ensure access to clean water and good quality forage.