Bates Wide Dressage + with Luxe Leather

Sizes 42cm ( 16.5" ) - 46cm ( 18" )





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The Bates WIDE Dressage saddle is a cutting edge dressage saddle specially designed for the wider horse. The performance driven deep seat delivers an unsurpassed level of comfort for you and contact with your horse never previously experienced in a WIDE saddle. The deeper seat and ultra-narrow waist enables you to sit deeper into the saddle to support a well-balanced and central position. For your horse, an ultra-thin panel, wide chamber, large, even bearing surface and adjustable Y-girthing ensure optimal saddle stability and freedom of movement for a comfortable fit.


Luxe Leather
Adjustable Flexibloc system
Moulded knee inserts
Deep seat
Drop panel points
Quilted panel points

Sizes 42cm ( 16.5" ) - ( 18" )