Equestrian Central Mask with Filters

100% Cotton, with activated carbon filter



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This 3 layer mask turns into 8 layer protection when used in conjuction with the activated carbon filter.
Composition: 100% cotton
Fabric Properties: Light and breathable; high filtration efficiency with PM-25 activated carbon filter
Details: Universal fit with adjustable stopper; ergonomic shape protects mouth and chin; flexible, adjustable nose bridge; ultra-soft elasticized straps
Dimensions: Height 15.24cm x width 22.86cm
Care: Machine washable and reusable
Packing: 1 mask (and 2 filters) per bag
Filter Use: They can be used continuously for 16-24 hours or around one week of occasional use
Usage: For non-medical use only
Note:Due to the nature of use, all mask sales are final and non-returnable