Fiber Fresh Travel Pro 10kg

Maintains Hydration - Pick up in store only.




Travel Pro® is a moist, high-energy, highly digestible fibre feed comprising pure fresh cut lucerne, ideal for all horses requiring top quality fibre. Travel Pro® is perfect to feed prior to travel or during competition.Benefits of feeding prior to travel include:

Maintains hydration
Reduces tucking up
Maintains good gut health
Highly digestible quality protein to build
muscle and immunity
High in digestible energy, but very low
in sugar and starch

A good source of calcium and other minerals, it also features high levels of digestible
protein, lysine and other amino acids which together are essential for vital functions
including growth, reproduction and immunity in the horse.

Feeding recommendations
Prior to travel, feed Fiber Fresh Travel Pro® on its own. When introducing to the diet,
increase daily amounts by 0.5kg increments until the desired quantity is reached.
We recommend feeding a minimum of 1kg prior to travel.