Bates Dressage + with Luxe Leather

The Bates Dressage+ Luxe Leather Saddle features top-of-the-line leather. This dressage saddle offers classic elegance and exceptional comfort while promoting your correct and balanced riding position.Sizes 40cm (16" ) - 46cm ( 18" )





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The Bates Dressage+ Luxe Leather Saddle delivers high performance in a classic looking package as innovative features work to ensure your horse’s comfort and your balanced riding position. It’s crafted from Luxe Leather, hand-selected from the finest calf leather in the world. This leather is cared for meticulously throughout its specialized tanning process to guarantee exceptional performance in strength, color richness and ultra-soft feel.

The Dressage+ Saddle offers a seat with a narrow twist and greater width behind, plus molded knee inserts, to promote your increased comfort in the optimal dressage position. Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bars and the Adjustable Flexibloc system let you customize this saddle to your preference; recessed stirrup panels further promote a close contact feel. Built on the Elastiflex tree with quilted panel points, horse comfort and fit is supported by the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution.

 Sizes 40cm ( 16" ) - 46cm ( 18")