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Bee Kind Raw Local Honey

Sizes: 250gm or 500gm


Kincade Gel Grooming Mitt

Colours: Purple, Red or Turquoise.


Jolly mega Horse ball & Cover Set

Sizes: Small (25"), Medium (30") & Large (40")


Pure Western Boot Christmas Ornament

Size: 6.5cm (W) x 2.5cm (D) x 9cm(H)


Rider Adhesive Sporty Haft- Spray

Adhesive spray for riding boots to create a more secure and confident rider position.


Cavallino Delicato Velvet Helmet

Colours: Black or Navy. Sizes: 53-61cm


Flair Wanaka Foal Rug 50gm

Medium - 68cm, Large - 76cm


Effax Leather Balsam + Grip

Anti-slip saddle cleaner, great way to stick in that saddle!


Thermo Master Growing Foal Rug

Navy/Pink, Teal/Black


Paw Paw Ointment with Honey 25gram

Plus Honey. Humans & Animals


Outback Freemantle Straw Hat

50% OFF


Thomas Cook Homestead Socks

Adults and Kids Sizes


Arctic Blast Bandage 10cm x 2m

Equine & Human


Canine Super Goo 500ml

$5 Off Per Tub


EA Drink Up


Outback Equestrian Cap

$29.99 Nearly half price!! Waterproof . 3 colours


Christmas Leg Bands

Trot out these Christmas Cuties!