Hairy Pony

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Hairy Pony Mane Thinning Scissors

Perfect for thinning thick and curly manes.


Hairy Pony Plaiting Apron ( New Season)

***Individual Plaiting Apron | Plaiting Products Sold Separately***


Hairy Pony Gold Metal Spray Bottle

Sizes: 500ml, 100ml.


Hairy Pony Horse Silky Serum

Gold label Silky Serum scented with Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood Atlas. Matches our Essential Oil Coat Conditioner scent! The customer favourite!


Hairy Pony Braiding Mousse

Sizes: 190ml Foamer Bottle & 500ml Refill


Hairy Pony Essential Wash Bay Kit

The HAIRY PONY ESSENTIAL WASH BAY KIT includes all of the essentials for your horse's regular grooming routine.


Hairy Pony Essential Hot Oil Coat Conditioner

Great for after Clipping also!


Hairy Pony 2in1 Detangle and Shine

Original (Rose & Ylang Ylang) or Watermelon