Why You Should Be Buying Zilco Horse Rugs

A horse rug that is a poor fit can cause discomfort to your horse with excessive rubbing. You probably don't want that for your prized horse. To alleviate rubbing issues, choose from an extensive selection of high-performance Zilco horse rugs at Equestrian Connection. We are New Zealand's newest Saddlery carrying your top equestrian brands at the most affordable prices in the country. Find all of the finest in equestrian clothing for all ages and sizes and have it delivered right to your door.

Of the many items that you will find at Equestrian Central, Zilco horse rugs are some of the best and are designed to keep your animal protected from the elements. The Zilco horse rug comes in many different ranges. The popular Defender range, for example, features rugs such as the Comforter, an attractive quilted rug, as well as the Supaguard made from cotton and polyester ripstop. Equestrian Central also stocks the Crusader and Explorer lines among others.

When choosing Zilco horse rugs, it is important that you take accurate measurements of your horse. We typically size rugs in three-inch increments. If your horse falls in between two sizes, choose the larger one. A well fitted rug will keep your horse comfortable, protected, and performing at its optimal level.

For more information on horse rugs and other equestrian products, contact us at Equestrian Central by calling 0800 EQCENT or send us an email at sales@equestriancentral.co.nz. You can also contact us by filling out the contact form on our website under the Contact Us tab.