Find High-End Wintec, Bates, Pessoa, or Collegiate Saddles Below Retail Value!

Owning a horse, whether for casual riding, herding, hunting, racing, jumping, or just for show, can be an expensive passion. On top of the animal itself being a costly endeavour, financing the feeding, maintenance, and collecting the appropriate supplies to meet your horse-owning needs can add a lot to an already expensive affair. That is why if you currently own horses or intend to buy a horse soon, be wary of your costs while also ensuring that the equipment you acquire for your newfound hobby is of high enough quality to properly service your horse or horses.

Among the various horse supplies that you will inevitably have to pursue, finding the right saddle can be the biggest challenge. The right saddle is different both to every horse and every rider. If you are just getting into the prospect of horse owning for the first time, finding the right saddle is likely to require a little bit of research. Regardless of your reasons or purposes behind your horse riding, at Equestrian Central, we will be able to match you with Wintec, Bates, Collegiate, or Pessoa saddles at an affordable rate.

Finding the Right Saddle for Your Level of Riding

Every saddle brand, such as Wintec saddles for example, offers a wide variety of different kinds of saddles that correlate to the kind of riding, jumping, or other use you may want out of your horse. Regardless of why you own a horse or what you want to use your saddle for, though, you should always think about how serious you are about equine as a hobby. Different brands like Bates saddles and Pessoa saddles offer various ranges of quality and cost when it comes to their saddle lines. Since owning a horse is guaranteed to be at least a moderately costly affair, it is important to choose your saddle carefully. Make sure that it isn?t too expensive for its intended purpose, while also ensuring that it is good enough for your planned activities, so you will not need to look for a new saddle a couple of months down the road.

One of the most popular brands that we sell at Equestrian Central is Bates saddles. Bates is a brand for those who take their horse riding seriously but are not quite at a showman or professional racing level. Collegiate saddles is a brand that offers a lower cost alternative to the Bates saddle. For those seeking only the highest end equipment for their horse, Pessoa saddles, named after Nelson Pessoa, are an investment you will want to consider. And finally, there is the internationally renowned brand, Wintec saddles. Wintec offers a wide range, featuring saddles affordable to entry level horse riders all the way up to professional grade options.

How to Find High-End Saddles at an Affordable Rate

Even if you opt for one of the more affordable Collegiate saddles, you may find yourself running up a considerable bill when you go saddle shopping. At Equestrian Central, we go out of our way to reliably offer saddles from all brands at about a five percent markdown of their market value. This discount makes us your go-to option to finding quality horse saddles and other supplies at a rate that won't break the bank.