Buy Weatherbeeta summer, winter and combo rugs from Equestrian Central

Looking after your horse or horses means keeping them protected from harsh weather, and that includes both extreme heat during the hotter times of year and extreme cold during winter. We love our horses, and we want them to be comfortable at all times. Horses are clever animals, each having its own personality,  and treating them with care is at the top of all our priority lists.

At Equestrian Central, we have a deep understanding of the need to keep our horses happy and protected. That's why we stock high-quality Weatherbeeta rugs because we pride ourselves on stocking the biggest brands of products to provide horses with protection in all weather conditions. If you're looking for high-quality rugs, Weatherbeeta is a brand you can trust.

Let Horses Breathe with Weatherbeeta Summer Rugs

Just like people, horses are susceptible to sweltering temperatures, which is why it's a good idea to purchase summer rugs manufactured by Weatherbeeta. Their rugs are specially designed for summer to allow your horse to breathe - providing a coat for your horse while allowing them to remain cool. To be prepared for any weather condition, you could look to buying a combo rug as their composite design allows you to attach extra layers for when the temperature dips.

Let's face it; you wouldn't be wearing a coat if you intended to go running and jumping in a field during a hot day. You'd obviously want clothing that gave your skin some breathing room and allows you to remain comfortable while enjoying yourself. If you want the items you purchase to last for years while providing the same benefits, we highly recommend taking a look at our high-quality selection of rugs.

Weatherbeeta Winter Rugs Will Keep Your Horses Snug

Have you planned how you're going to keep your horses warm next winter? Horses, just like you don't like to be cold. They need to be to be able to get some real rest during the cold night. Similarly, they need to be kept warm during the day so that they can remain relaxed. Weatherbeeta rugs have years of experience injected into their construction, manufactured by a company that has in-depth knowledge about horse's needs.

If you're looking for Weatherbeeta rugs that are useful for both hot and cold periods, you could browse our selection of Weatherbeeta combo rugs which have been specially designed to provide protection against all the elements. With combo rugs, your horse will be comfortable all year round, which makes providing protection for your horse a simple task.

Your horses are no doubt considered a part of your family, and you have a responsibility to ensure they're happy and prepared for every season. Browse the selection of top notch products we have for sale at Equestrian Central, and you can be confident that all your needs will be satisfied.