Cavallino Pro Sorb Lambs Wool Half Pad




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These unique saddlecloths are made from fine quality merino sheepskins, specially selected for density. The sheepskin also assists in absorbing any excess moisture.
Designed for cushioning between the horse and saddle, therefore reducing pressure points and protecting the horse’s back. The newly designed clear spine, avoids pressure to the horse’s spine.

The Pro-Sorb System is a unique system that involves closed-cell foam pads to assist with saddle fitting to create a level and balanced saddle.

1. The Pro-Sorb saddle blanket will suit most back shaped horses.
2. Can be without the pads as a straight ½ pad.
3. Ideal to use with pads when your saddle gullet it too wide for your horse.
4. For the asymmetrical horse this can assist with the correct pad set up to ensure a symmetrical balanced saddle fit for your horse.