CalmHealthyHorses Alleviate C



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AlleviateC contains the same dose of organic magnesium and boron as Alleviate with the addition of organic calcium.
(Non swabbable)

A blend of highly absorbable organic calcium & magnesium with boron.

The organic calcium in AlleviateC is many times more absorbable than inorganic forms like calcium carbonate or dolomite, which means less powder is required per dose.

AlleviateC contains the dose of Alleviate (organic magnesium) so gives all the benefits of Alleviate plus the benefits of organic calcium.

Both magnesium and boron are major stimulators of the uptake of calcium. It is fruitless to feed any calcium without these co-factors.

Whilst small amounts can be beneficial, the more calcium carbonate (inorganic calcium as in dolomite) is fed the less is absorbed.

Alleviate C is even more effective when fed with Premium NZ Horse Minerals

Recreational Horses: everybody wants a calm, healthy horse that is a pleasure to take out on the trail and is comfortable to ride!!
Competing & Racing Horses: For optimal muscle & respiratory function and an increased ability to cope with pressure on race or competition day