Fiber Protect 20kg




Looking for increased muscle development and top-line condition while maintaining optimum gastric health?

Our popular FiberProtect® is a moderate energy feed (compared to FiberEzy® and FiberMix®) that also offers higher levels of digestible protein and essential amino acids – essential for many vital functions in your horse. Consisting exclusively of HNF® (High Nutritional Fiber), FiberProtect® has undergone a Modified Bio Fermentation process which results in a safe and healthy feed, suitable as the base forage fibre for all horses. FiberProtect® can also be fed in association with grain or grain-based concentrate feeds to counter the effects that the high starch and soluble carbohydrates in these feeds have on gastric health.


FiberProtect® technical information

FiberProtect® ingredient composition

Lucerne, Xanotyde® and cured molasses (1%)