Equitak Excel Wormer



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Equitak Excel contains three active ingredients: Abamectin and Oxfendazole to treat and control gastrointestinal worm parasites: large and small strongyles, large roundworms, (Ascarids, both sensitive and resistant to Abamectin), lungworms, pinworms and stomach bots, and Praziquantel to treat and control all tapeworms.


For the treatment and control of all roundworms, tapeworms and bots in horses.

Broad spectrum worming, including control of roundworms,tapeworms and bots.
Effective against Abamectin resistant Parascaris equorum.
Safe and very effective treatment and control for all breeds -foals, weanlings, yearlings, lactating and pregnant mares, and for both mares and stallions at mating time.
Manufactured in New Zealand.
Apple flavoured.

Dose Rate:

100kg - 5g dose;
200kg - 10g dose;
300kg - 15g dose;
400kg - 20g dose;
500kg - 25g dose;
600kg - 30g dose.

Pack Size:

30g Dial-a-Dose syringe

Withholding Times:

Meat: 63 days.

Refer to the label for all product information


Active Constituents

Abamectin 4mg, Oxfendazole 200mg and Praziquantel 50mg.

Physical Characteristics

A pale cream to tan coloured, apple-flavoured, palatable paste with a characteristic odour and taste.