EA Heme

20 x 60 gram Sachets




Flavoured Oral Haematinic for Horses

This feed supplement is intended for addition to the grain ration of horses to replace certain vitamins and minerals. Deficiencies of vitamins and minerals may occur in debilitated horses where proper nutrition has not been provided in daily feed rations.


Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, K, B9, Biotin, Copper (Organic), Zinc (Organic), Manganese (Organic),Iron (Organic), Natrox, Bio plex minerals.

Directions for Use:

Feed one sachet (60g) daily for 10 days, then each week feed one sachet daily for 3 days prior to strenuous activity, or as recommended by your veterinarian. For best results mix contents with horse’s feed.

Note: Feeding vitamins other than vitamin A, D, E, riboflavin, pyridoxine and thiamine to horses may not have a beneficial effect.


Keep out of reach of children.


20 x 60 gram sachets


Protect from excessive heat and moisture.

This product is exempt from registration being an oral nutritional compound compliant with Schedule 4 of the ACVM regulations 2001.