Dynavyte Tender Foot



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TENDERFOOT has often been referred to by those who have tried the product, as a herbal bute.

Made from a variety of herbs, Tenderfoot may be beneficial in addressing issues relating to swelling and painful symptoms in animals.

Using Tenderfoot on a “needs” basis may be beneficial for animals that depend on freedom of movement, suppleness, flexibility, and the absence of minor aches and pains and swelling in joints and limbs.

Tenderfoot is not meant to be used on a regular basis and is provided as an alternative to products that require veterinary application or products that are known to be more severe in an animal’s internal system.

The product is offered in a 32ml syringe which provides for four separate doses of 8ml, that should be applied directly into the animal’s mouth.

Being a herbal product, the best results are achieved around four hours after the product has been taken.

Tenderfoot does not contain any prohibitive substances.


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