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For Gastric Health.

The ultimate diet for horses should be free access to grazing grass and a sufficient amount of good quality hay along with a minimum amount of concentrated starchy food to supply the energy needed for the level of work the horse is performing. Performance horses are sometimes stabled up to 23 hours per day while being fed large amounts of starchy foods with limited amounts of hay.

U-Gard Plus Nutritional Supplement was voted the Number One Feed Supplement by the Horse Journal and proclaimed Equine Product of the Year.

U-Gard Plus Nutritional Supplement is formulated with all natural ingredients. Each ingredient was chosen to perform a specific function.

Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide and Kaolin - Buffers and Coats the horses stomach lining.

Apple Pectin - A digestible form of soluble fibre that acts as a general intestinal regulator. Used in many preparations for maintaining good digestive health.

Aloe Vera Gel - Super concentrated crystal form of aloe vera helps to soothe the stomach.

If the horse has one of the following indications, U-Gard Plus nutritional supplement may be your nutritional alternative:

Decreased appetite
Weight loss
Unthrifty performance
Poor performance
Unwilling to train
Bad Attitude

U-Gard Nutritional Supplement IS NOT a drug or Antacid.


1L Solution ( 60 days supply)