Carl Hester Integro Monoflap Dressage Saddle


17" and 17.5" Black





The PDS6295.00 Carl Hester Integro Mono Flap Dressage Saddle is perfect for the modern dressage horse that has little or no wither and are more barrel shaped. Popular due to their compact shape and powerful movement these horses need careful saddle fitting consideration.

The Integro is designed exclusively for this type of horse; built on a close contact tree shallow rear gusset narrow waist fit and the narrow twist and mono flap design offers the ultimate close feel dressage saddle.

This unique saddle collection developed in conjunction with Carl Hester is designed to maximize horse and rider performance. The PDS® Carl Hester Saddle Collection features an unbreakable carbon fiber polymer tree X-Change® adjustable tree system and AMS® panels. The tree interacts with the movement of horse and rider enabling the horse to move freely and giving the rider comfort. The optimum level for the saddle is maintained using the X-Change® system and fine tuning by wool placement inside the AMS® panels.

18'' is a specialty order as is Brown.