The Captain Sandy straight bit from Zilco provides a better distribution of pressure points thanks to its straight barrel. It acts globally on the tongue and bars. It is recommended for horses with a sensitive palate or a flat palate. The straight bit allows the rider to obtain a symmetrical action. The aim is to prevent the bit from slipping in the mouth and therefore to prevent the horse from escaping its action. Effective for horses that are inclined to take the bit in their mouth. The posts attach to the mouthpiece while the reins attach to the rings of the slide bar. The slide bar then allows the rider/driver to have control over the bit even when the horse has "taken" the mouthpiece.

Stainless steel : Stainless steel is a commonly used alloy which has the particularity of not oxidizing. Because of their nature, stainless steel jaws are very solid and do not get damaged over time.