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As promised BetaVet now has a new KAVA FREE calmer STEADY STEED. Whilst the Steady Steed is not Kava, with formulation expertise, effectiveness can be emulated to a high degree with evidence based herbal medicines. As we all know, some of the best performance horses are often the most highly strung and quirky. Young horses also benefit greatly from the use of natural calming agents.

Two well researched herbs Chamomile and Hops of medicinal grade have been especially imported from Germany and blended in Steady Steed to replace both the anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and muscle relaxant effect of Kava. Along with Californian Poppy and Passionflower. this combination helps prevent the chain of biochemical reactions that create the "fight or flight" hormones such as adrenalin that causes the highly strung behaviour associated with stressful events.

Calming herbs can help moderate certain behaviours or help the horse adjust faster to stressful things. Less stress and anxiety also helps to lower the risk for stomach ulcers, stress induced colic, fighting among horses, stable vices and other physical and behavioural signs of stress. 


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