AHD Medicated Shampoo

Sizes: 500ml, 2L.



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The medicated shampoo cleans and protects animals’ coats leaving them soft and shiny while promoting healthy skin. Contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients to suppress skin infections.

Contains lanolin and soluble protein to recover and nourish damaged hair as well as dichlorobenzly alcohol 0.03% w/v and 2-bromo -2 nitropropane -1.3 diol 0.2% w/v. These anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients suppress skin infections and help control body odour.

For best results completely wet animal’s coat, apply the shampoo to the coat avoiding eyes and ears.
Massage the shampoo into a generous lather working into the hair roots.
Rinse off thoroughly, repeat washing process if required.
Prolonged contact with the skin will enhance performance.


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