Ride in Style and Comfort with Horse Riding Pants, Shirts and other Clothing from Equestrian Central

When you want to go about your equestrian activities with both comfort and style Equestrian Central can help. We offer a full line of horse riding clothes, boots, gloves, hats, and helmets. Our everyday prices are low but if you are holding out for an incredible bargain be sure to check out our Horsum sales.

Horse Riding Pants and Shirts

Although jeans may be practical for many things, horse riding pants such as breeches and jodhpurs will help you get the job done in comfort and style, and are the standard for most equestrian events. Horse riding shirts are also available in a significant number of styles and colours and range from very basic barn clothing to very fancy event garments.

When browsing through our catalogue, the first decision that you'll need to make is whether you prefer breeches or jodhpurs for your main horse riding pants. You'll also need to decide if you need a waterproof layer to cover up or to wear on its own. For this, you should consider our equine sports friendly waterproof shell pants and overpants. The individual sections on men's clothing and ladies breeches and jodhpurs are great places to get started.

We also have many styles of horse riding shirts designed for around the barn all the way to high-level event garments. Look at our individual sections on men's clothing, children's clothing, ladies casual clothing, ladies competition shirts and ladies competition jackets. You will find everything that you are looking for and more with $7 shipping throughout NZ!

Other Horse Riding Clothes

We also sell all of the associated accessories that are needed to complement those classy horse riding pants and shirts. Taking it "from the top", we are pleased with the selection of headwear we have on offer at Equestrian Central. We have several different types of hats and helmets designed to meet the requirements of any pleasure activity or competition need.

If you need outerwear that's meant to take a beating, check out the Outback and Swanndri section of the website to pick out durable and stylish protection. Take that protection a step further with work gloves for the outback and exquisite leather and synthetic gloves for dressage and other competition.

As we move closer to your toes, we would like to offer you the opportunity to select the perfect pair of chaps or gaiters to keep the elements away from your Equestrian Central socks. YES, we even sell socks!! Lastly, we also offer stylish footwear to complement the expertly chosen outfit you have put together thus far.

Why Buy from Equestrian Central?

With all of the retailers here in NZ offering equine related products, why should you consider Equestrian Central? In short, because we pride ourselves on TOP customer service - we want to help you achieve your dreams. As part of our commitment to your success, you will be able to look to us for more and more educational topics while still enjoying the permanently low prices and quick service.