Protect Your Equine Companion with Horse Boots

Do you and your horse both need the latest footwear? Look to the excellent and always affordable selection of horse boots at Equestrian Central. We have a full range of boots to improve your horse's comfort and performance.

Tendon boots are fitted to the front legs and are popular amongst show jumpers. They are designed to protect and support the delicate tendons and ligaments that run down the back of the horse's legs from any impact that could occur from the back legs contacting the front during high-energy sports. Overreach boots fit lower on the front legs than tendon boots since their primary purpose is to protect the hoof and coronary area of the forelimbs.

Fetlock boots are placed on the back legs to protect the fetlocks from knocks (which are primarily from the opposite hind leg), and brushing boots have hard padding on the inner side of the boot to help protect and cushion the leg from impacts with the opposite leg.

Less well known types of horse boots include sausage (rubber pattern ring) boots, knee cap boots, travel boots and hock boots.

We understand it can be confusing to decide what type of horse boots you need in your collection. Especially what kinds of horse boots require a significant investment to make the purchase worthwhile. Sizing can also be challenging but is essential, don't hesitate to call us to help you order the correct size of boot the first time.