Heiniger clippers, horse clippers and blades

We carry both the Heiniger handy clipper and the Heiniger Xplorer Clipper and an assortment of blades. Heiniger Clippers use up to date technology and precision sharpness. Heiniger tools from Switzerland are the first choice for equestrian professionals worldwide.

Still caught up in the debate about whether or not your horse even needs clipping? We all know that horses have evolved over many millennia to have all of the coat characteristics that they have today.

Mother nature has done a good job with the basics ? Why should we purchase a pair of high-end Heiniger Clippers and intervene?

Well, horses left to mother nature are not usually put to work in the middle of the winter at any pace other than their own. Our equine companions are eager to please and work at our command, but the amount of heat and sweat generated is likely more than would have occurred with their ancestor's more lackadaisical schedule.

With that thick coat that has appeared by the month of May, come several potential problems. A thick winter coat that cannot efficiently wick away heat and moisture creates a sauna for your horse and, as it is never able to dry fully after work, it also can create a breeding ground for bacterial infections and other skin problems. Although there is obviously some climate and stabling dependent variability in this decision, clipping is thought to be beneficial to the health and comfort of some horses.

If you are still undecided about whether Heiniger Clippers are the right investment for your horse or stable, please feel free to contact us on 0800 EQCENT - 06 8577244 or use the convenient question form here on the website.