Find the Perfect Bitless, Stock, Grackle or Double Bridle

If you have your own horse, you are already the envy of thousands of people around the globe. People love horses because they each have a distinct personality which can develop and be nurtured as you get to know them on a one-to-one basis. Not only are horses unique in terms of characteristics, but they're also highly intelligent animals capable of being trained. Additionally, let's face it, they're very caring and loving!

Just owning horses is a wonderful experience. Guests will love to watch them gallop around the field just as much as you do. However, you might want the bond between you and your horse to grow into something more than just ownership. If this is the case, you're probably aching to get on your horse's back and ride into the sunset.

We strongly advise you don't mount your horse without proper training, but you're probably already a master of that. Of course, you'll need a working relationship with your horse in many situations for a successful ride, but what you will certainly need is a high-quality bridle, which you can find in our huge selection of products. Whether you?re looking for a bitless, stock, grackle or double bridle, we have the perfect product for you.

Buy a Bitless Bridle for Ultimate Comfort

Traditionally, horse bridles are fitted with a part that goes into the horse?s mouth. This serves to both keep the horse restrained when needed and also to guide it to walk in the direction you desire. While a well-made stock bridle possesses the functionality you require, you could opt to go bitless if you either don?t want to ? or can?t ? put a piece in your horse?s mouth.

Stock, grackle and double bridles do an excellent job for your horse, and their high-quality build ensures maximum comfort for your horse. Bridles without mouthpieces are available in varying styles for your horse. A grackle bridle evenly applies pressure to the horse's nose to avoid hurting it, while a double bridle contains a curb and a snaffle, each with its own set of reins.

Enjoy a Happy Life with Your Horse

Your horse provides you with endless joy, so it?s only fair you reward it with the very best equipment for riding. At Equestrian Central, we source our products from the best manufacturers to ensure you and your horse can enjoy a happy life together and a deep personal relationship. If you buy the best equipment for horse riding, you can be safe in the knowledge that your horse is having just as much fun as you are.

Ensuring your horse's happiness means buying a high-quality bridle, as well as saddle and other necessary equipment. Browse our excellent selection of expert horse equipment, and you and your horse can enjoy some fascinating adventures while being comfortable and happy.