Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Wintec, Collegiate or Bates Dressage Saddle

The saddle is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will ever purchase as it serves in connecting horse to rider. It performs a critical role in many respects, which is why taking the time to examine the different options available and choosing a saddle of quality is so incredibly important. When you are searching for a dressage saddle, you also need to address further needs. You are likely to come across many famous brands, and may not understand some of the differences between these brands and what you can expect from them above others.

What Are the Differences Between the Bates, Collegiate, and Wintec Dressage Saddle?

The Bates dressage saddle, Collegiate dressage saddle, and Wintec dressage saddle represent three of the most popular brands out there, and also represent three different types of dressage saddle that should serve the purposes of most riders. While they are not the only brands out there, all three can be a good option if you are currently searching for a dressage saddle. However, there are fundamental differences between them to keep in mind.

The Bates dressage saddle bills itself as promoting superior fit and comfort and their saddles tend to take a more innovative approach to design over more traditional dressage saddle models. You can think of the Bates dressage saddle as a top of the line item. Meanwhile, those looking for a similar product in the more economy range can probably find what they are looking for by shopping for a Collegiate dressage saddle. These saddles are still of superior quality, and feature real leather for high levels of comfort and performance for both horse and rider, but can also be a more affordable choice.

Those who don't mind synthetic materials may consider the Wintec dressage saddle as an option. Because they are synthetic, the Wintec dressage saddle is exceptionally easy to look after. It also makes them a weatherproof option, as it's difficult to damage the synthetic materials with exposure to the elements. They use plenty of high-tech technology in their design, producing a saddle that is comfortable and very easy to use.

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